my new sailingboat

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Hello I am from Holland.
I have bought a small sailing boat and I do not know what boat it is or where its made.
someone told me its made in britain.
Its about 3mtr long and 1.35 wide and there is an anchor mark on the sail.
please help me and solve the puzzle

greetings wim

Hmm - found an interesting thread HERE.

"Having been a lurker for some time I can now make my first venture on to the forum with something positive.
The sails are from a 10ft dinghy that was and possibly still is marketed by a company called Fibrocell. About twelve years ago they were based in Oldham, Lancashire.
We used to have one of their dinghies as a tender for our boat.
I believe the rig was actually stayed with the shrouds and forestay attatching to the mast through the gap in the luff sleeve."

Hmm - doing some searches on Fibrocell, I found this one - which is a Fibrocell Seagull:

think that's it?

In any case, it's definitely a Fibrocell
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Kaiser thank you very much for investigation .
You are great.
I googled on fibrocell seagull and found even the compleet sailing instuctions for it.

greetings wim