Motor mount options


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I have a 86 Capri 14.2, wanted to add motor mount on it, is there a known mounting kit along with instructions to add one ?
I use the newport electric trolling motor which weighs around 25lbs & currently i am attaching it to the transom directly. after a couple of times using it on the transom i see the its started to pierce the fiberglass.

Thanks in advance !
Here’s a link for anyone in the future. A search for Motor mount brings up a few options including this one:

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So you've got a mod 1 which has a hollow transom! That's exactly the same boat I have. I highly recommend you see my earlier posts which show how it can be reinforced. I'm not suprised that your transom was suffering. Newer versions of the Capri had solid ones, much stronger. Also see my posts showing what had to be done to save the boat when my transverse mast support gave way. The wood had rotted out and without corrections the boat would have become too dangerous to sail. Any questions you may have, feel free to give a shout.