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Mooring a sunfish


So I upgraded from a minifish to a sunfish and it turns out it’s too heavy for me to drag back up onto the beach. I’ve seen other sunfish on my lake moored. Is this the recommended thing to do or would the boat take on water ? (it’s an older sunfish) How would I safely go about doing it? Is the bow handle strong enough to tie to a mooring?


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When I was living and growing up back east, my Dad had 3 "outhauls" at the end of our dock that allowed us to moor 3 boats away from the shore then bring them in right to the dock so we could use the boats. You can see the concept in this video. He calls it a "Running Line".

You can make these accessible mooring devices in different sizes. For example, I made a small one that I carry in a 5 gallon bucket with a small mushroom anchor at the end that I use for my Laser when the shore area or boat ramp doesn't have a smooth beach or surface that I can pull the boat up on to.

You can see my "Bucket Outhaul" at the beginning of this video where I've pulled my Laser out away from the rocky shore and moored it while I put my truck and trailer away and then change into my sailing clothes.

You can see my Bucket Outhaul in use again at the beginning of this video when there's fairly strong gusts blowing through where I don't want to have my Laser pulled up on the shore because the rocking of the boat in the gusts would scratch up the bottom.

If I wanted to moor my Sunfish or Laser at a lake but wanted to have a way to easily access it, I would definitely build an outhaul/running line.


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I think they invented the bow line knot so you can tie a line to the Sunfish bow handle.

I have kept my Sunfish in the water many times tied to an anchor. But, personally, I wouldn’t keep the boat in the water very long or unattended. Certainly not overnight if I can help it. Who knows what kind of mischief the boat could get into!?!?

And Charles H is right. Probably all older Sunfish can use a leak test.

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I think keeping in on the beach is best, and this roller idea is good one! However, I have seen some Sunfish moored. Whereever you keep it, you should put a sail cover on it when it is stored. The sun absolutely kills sail fabric - fades it and creates think spots over time.


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After the boat had been in the water for a month or so...wherever. ....first time you flip it, you'll appreciate a bottom that is kept clean..free of scum, slime, crustacious critters...Otherwise, take a spare set of dress slacks and shoes.