mold in hull


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Greetings sailors! Just got our Capri 14.2 back in the water (a large lake) after about 20 years. It's an '89 (mod 2 I think) with cubby removed by previous owner and battery box in the hull. We had someone fix up the boat for us since it needed new lines and some repair. The plywood hatch cover is warped so hasn't latched well for a decade. Mice had gotten into the hull and created quite the stinky mess. The person who helped us powerwashed inside the hull to get all this out. However, it didn't dry out and now there's a big mildew odor. The boat's in the water for the season (not hauling out till October). Suggests for mitigating the mold? Bleach or peroxide spray? (though won't be able to reach all areas of hull). I'd love to air dry the hull...but can't really leave the hatch open in our (Northeast US) sticky summer humidity and frequent thunderstorms . . . not a good idea. Thanks for any suggestions. (Also, I'll post separately about battery and hatch cover conundrum)
update: found out the hull is leaking somewhere. Hauled boat out twice to drain--and leak isn't evident. A guess is in centerboard slot (ugh), after reading some posts in this forum. She's still taking on some water and we hope to handle this with a small electric pump for the season. When we take boat out of lake for the season, we'll have someone who repairs boats diagnose and repair. Issue's going to be: inside of hull will be wet for months. How to mitigate mold once repaired?

When we thought/hoped the leak was the drain plug (re-caulked one of the times we hauled it out) we set the boat up at 45 degree angle and flushed with water. Added some "quick-acting outdoor cleaner" that turns out to just be 5% bleach and flushed out again, hoping that would mitigate any mold. But since there's still water in the hull, will likely need more intense solution in the Fall. Thoughts on solutions appreciated.