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Forgive the grainy pic but you get a good idea how hatch looks. Has 3 nice twist toggles that hold the canvas bag, especially useful for stowing halyards and many other things! And there's a latch (can't see it here) that secures everything. I'll have my tarp off in the near future and can send better pics then. BTW I spoke with Catalina Direct and they don't sell the hatch.


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Very cool. How did you get it water tight? Any tips or hardware you can recommend? Need to do the same repair.
When I pull the tarp (within the next 2 weeks) I'll take some pics that will show everything in detail. I can make a template and mail it to you. But remember, unless you have a good woodshop this will be tough to build. Stay tuned!
I had to make a new hatch for mine as well. I did it out of thick Lexan, then routed the lip to keep it in place. It has worked at least as well as the wood hatch. When I took her out in questionable conditions, I duck taped the hatch to seal the cubby. We spent so much time on our side or turtled that we did take on a lot of water, but we fared well compared to others.
Yep there's some good alternatives to marine grade plywood. Now if you invest in a Baby Bob for the top of your mast your turtling days will be over! With 4 seasons under my belt I've yet to capsize, but I've seen pics of Capri laying on its' side with the Bob, and the cockpit floated totally water free. Now by early next week I'll post the info about how I did my hatch
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OK it's not perfect but at least you can see what goes in to creating a new hatch. Everything has to be done with utmost precision or it won't work. This means all the recesses, edges, and hardware settings need to be done as shown. Only by using the decrepit hatch that came with the boat (as a template) was I able to get this done (not to mention salvaging the hardware)!
Guessing the only way to do this would be to find an old Mod 1 hatch somewhere and go to town. Wish I would have kept mine to pass on to somebody willing and able to do the work!