Missing Part looking for feedback


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Re: Anyone want to break the ice?

I was just given a Sunfish and they told me it had one part missing. So I could not argue with that. After getting it home I noticed it had a large repair made to it on the right rear top and on the right side of the transom. I found out which part was missing, ordered it, then found out I could not mount it (the Gudgeon Bracket for the rudder) because there were no holes to screw into. I then drilled a small exploratory hole and did not find the backing plate. So I ordered the backing plate, put a little slit in the top and found a lot of rotten wood. I assume the wood should have been the backing for the transom. Now I will put an access panel in the front and the rear but I need to know what the structure should be on the inside in order to replace whatever is missing.
Is there any site I can go to, to get a diagram of the inside structure?
I would appreciate any feedback.