Minifish II sloop rig

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I'm an original ower of an original Minifish II - the AMF ALcort sloop-rigged version of the Minifish, similar to the sloop-rigged Super Sunfish. Bought mine in 1976. it's been semi-retired for the last decade, but I had it out last weekend. As much fun as ever. Still have all the original parts. This rig planes and skips like a windsurfer in a stiff breeze!

I also have a 1976 AMF Alcort sales brochure and the original Minifish II rigging instructions. The hull is a standard Minifish except for the name plate and some uncharacteristically cheezy wood-grained applique on the splash coaming. The mast is unstayed, about 18 ft, with about a 6-foot boom. The sail specs out at 60 sq. ft and it has a 4-part mainsheet, a boom vang, outhaul and downhaul.

For a point of interest, the brochure has the following prices for their entire line of boats:
Sunfish - $752.
Minifish - $525.
Super Sunfish - $898.
Minifish II - $698.
Force 5 - $1085.
Puffer - $1185.
Sunbird - $ 2535.

I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding this rig, and whatever I can find in the brochure regarding the other boats.
Are you saying there's a substantial performance increase with this rig? I've recently acquired my 2nd Minifish, without a rig, and wouldn't the same be true of the Super Sunfish. I have no experience with these rigs.
The Minifish is listed in the US sailing Portsmouth centerboard ratings at 113. The Minifish markII is listed in the inactive centerboard ratings at 103.
So yes the sloop rig does give more performance according to the ratings.
Since you have an original Minifish, you can answer an important question for me. Although my Sunfish experience is vast, I've only recently acquired a couple of Minifish.
It is my belief the Mini came with a smaller rudder and shorter daggerboard. As these parts wore out, I'm guessing they were replaced with Sunfish parts. I'd really like to know the proper length of the factory daggerboard.
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The factory Minifish II daggerboard: length at the foreward edge is 41" the taper from 9" at the top to is 7 inches at the bottom just before the rounded rear edge.
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I would like to post pictures from the brochure and or pix of the boat, but I don't have a scanner and haven't tried posting any pics to a board before.
hey pcaspery, I just got a minifish ii and think I have rigging figured out but realized I'm missing the lower mast. I might try to make one or cut down a sunfish mast. could you tell me what the overall length and dia. the lower mast is?