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A new flock of Doves

ON HIS SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY, MARCH 5, 1965, ROBIN LEE Graham said to his mother and father: "Know what I'd really like a boat of my own that I could sail to the South Pacific islands."

Most parents, upon hearing such talk, would dismiss it as impetuosity, but four and a half months later Robin stepped aboard his own 24 foot fiberglass sloop, Dove, a light displacement craft usually regarded as a day-sailor, and shoved off from Los Angeles for a shakedown cruise to Hawaii, a passage that took 22 1/2 days and was a piece of cake all the way. . .
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A new flock of Doves

My step brother gave this book to my father as a birthday gift. It was my first glimpse of ocean sailing. I really enjoyed the story, but I wonder if he didn't toss the blind kittens overboard himself. He talks to casually about them being lost.


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Solo circumnavigators do seem to have their eccentricies. What did actually happen to Donald Crowhurst... new life in Brazil?

...but I digress.

It is interesting to see this sense of adventure show up periodically with the Juniors. Usually it's the old saults who go around alone.
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Perham's Open 50 is owned by a Frenchman. I met the owner in September and October of last year while sailing in the UK--just before Perham set sail. It is a pretty cool boat, capable of hitting 25 knots. The market for renting these sorts of boats is not good. The Class 40's seem to be the in-demand boats these days. Personally, I'd love to have a modern Class 40 that is lighter than many Open 50's build in the past. The only issue with these is that they pound themselves to bits after prolonged abuse.

I am still looking for my photos. I have to get them organized. I switched to a new computer and software, and it is harder to catalog my photos because I have so many of them. If I just load them all then I can't find any of them. I have some shots of the afterdeck the ballast system, and navigation station.