Midwest Regional Championships


The Hueston Sailing Association Sunfish Fleet will be hosting the 2004 Sunfish Midwest Regional Championship on June 12 - 13, 2004. The Championship will take place at Hueston Woods State Park on Acton Lake in Oxford, OH. Mark your calendars. For more information go to: http://members.aol.com/hsasailing/hsa/
Why do they hold the Midwest Regional Championships so early in the season? I wouldn't think a person would have much time to practice if they are from a northern area like up state Wisconsin, or Minnesota or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It wasn’t too long ago we still had ice on the lakes. And the water is still very cold. :eek:

I'm sure there is a good reason they hold them when they do. I'm new to this sailing stuff and was just curious.
Our racing season here started April 25th. I started sailing April 18th. So we will be almost two months into our season when this regatta occurs. I know they had to work around the Hueston Sailing Association's schedule of events as well as national events such as the Masters in Rochester 6/25-6/27 and the North Americans 7/12-7/17. Then there is the issue of wind. At Acton Lake we usually have good wind in June. Later in the season, the end of July through most of August, the wind can be pretty calm in this area.

By the way, last year there were two Midwest Regional Championships. One in June and one in August. Since the schedule hasn't come out yet, I don't know if there will be two again this year. But, there very well may be a later championship in the Midwest.
There will be a Midwest Regional at Lake Bluff Yacht Club on the weekend of Aug 7-8. The club is located on Lake Michigan about 25 miles north of Chicago. That ought to give us northerners plenty of time to practice! The notice of race is available at Lake Bluff Yacht Club. Click on the Invitational Regatta Link.