Mid 80's boat - But what year?


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I just aquired a used laser with the following hull # ZFS90290M801.
I know from the manufacture code that it was built between 82 and 85 and the sail # is 90290. Does anyone know how the M801 relates to the month and year of manufacture? :confused:
You have given your Hull Identification Number (HIN)

ZFS is the boat manufacturer's identification code

90290 is the boat serial number

M8 is the date of manufacture

01 is the model year
Something doesn't add up with that ID you supplied.
Check the last 4 letter/numbers again

(it's not an 01 model year with that sail#)
I apoligize - the information I gave for the HIN number was for boats made after August 1984. The correct information for that boat should be:

ZFS - boat manufacturer - SailSport

90290 - serial number

M80 - model year 1980

I not 1 - I is the 9th letter of the alphabet - corresponding to the 9th month of a August to July fiscal year - which would mean it was made in April
Thanks, right the last digit is an I instead of a 1. Good catch.
Wow, it's a bit older than I thought. Thanks everyone.:D