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Saw this big ol' arrow in the sky pointing south as monsoon clouds rolled over the Dragoons...


Gotta love the dynamic weather here, with all these mountain ranges around my high desert home. Here are a couple more shots of what looks to be an inbound storm:



Yesiree, I can hear the thunder rumbling already, should be raining here shortly... which is good, as we can always use the rain in the high desert! And my roof doesn't leak, lol. Cheers! :rolleyes:
Holy Cow!!! We went from hot & humid (roughly 100 degrees) to cold, wet & windy in 15 minutes, with HAIL bouncing off the deck in August here in Cochise County, lol. Damn, this is why I LOVE living in the high desert & mountains of southeastern Arizona!!! I tried to take a picture of the hail---some of which was the size of marbles---but the storm was raging and there was no WAY I could use the camera. I tried it and got soaked for my trouble---never even tried to open the camera. The powerful gusts of wind knocked down a decorative metal plate on the outer eastern wall of of my home, plus the welcome mat down at the foot of the steps was blown all to hell... reminded me of spinnakers blown out during the Cup Series, lol. Jeez, this storm sure did kick up something fierce, I saw it coming from a distance with dust stirred up by strong winds down in the valley, but that dust got knocked down pronto as soon as the rain (and hail) started to fall. Crazy monsoonal weather, gotta love it... except for the part where I felt like the metal awnings were about to be torn off my home. No lie, some of these gusts are so powerful that they can damage homes. Meh, seems to be abating now, and I'm back to cooking another batch of my hot & spicy homemade chicken burritos... got some chilled vino on the side, Hatch Chiles in the mix, lol. :rolleyes:
Went to the Post Office today, and I saw some cool flyers on the big ol' bulletin board provided for community use. I usually see ads for livestock, tack, machinery, dances & other social events, etc., but today I saw other items of interest. I should add (and I'm probably dating myself here) that I can remember when the Post Office in Coronado, Kalifornia, had 'Wanted' posters on the wall, I used to read 'em as I was standing in line, lol. I distinctly recall one robber's description which included: "...wearing a lime green jacket & needing a shave." Funny what ya remember as ya get older, lol... :confused:

Anyway, here are the flyers, I actually walked out to my car to grab the camera, just so y'all can see how things are done here in the boondocks, lol. The first flyer is for a job driving a stagecoach on the dusty streets of Tombstone... how cool would THAT be? Sheeeee-it, maybe I should apply... I can go from driving a speeding 40-ton 18-wheeler to driving a stagecoach full o' friggin' tourists! Moving up in the world, don'tcha know? Probably won't need my CDL-A with Hazardous endorsement, but ya never know! And Big-Nose Kate's Saloon would be right there when I knocked off, just to cut the trail dust (or town dust) after work!!! ;)

IMG_4030.JPG IMG_4031.JPG IMG_4032.JPG IMG_4029.JPG IMG_4028.JPG

Got some typos in that last flyer, guess the Earps aren't too careful about their grammar & punctuation. They're more likely to "punctuate" yer @$$ with a bullet, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, sometimes I slay myself... lemme see, what's next? Ah, yes, the jailhouse flyer! Jail tours are big here in Cochise County, especially when the jail dates back to the 1800s... this tiny jail wasn't built until 1912, and it replaced a WOODEN jail that was falling apart, lol. Yeah, that sounds secure: "Let's put the murderous outlaw in the wooden jail, THAT will hold him!!!" Lol. F#%er could KICK his way out in record time, or burn the joint down with a quirley... he'd just hafta make sure he didn't burn down with it, lol. "A little more to the left!!!" :rolleyes:

IMG_4024.JPG IMG_4025.JPG IMG_4026.JPG IMG_4027.JPG IMG_4035.JPG

Nice accommodations, kinda reminds me of my 'Pacific County Bed-n-Breakfast' T-shirt (seen in last photo), same shirt I bought at the Chester Club & Oyster Bar in South Bend, WA, when I visited that burg & fine establishment. They made some tasty oyster burgers in that joint, lol... bought the T-shirt on sight when I noticed it for sale behind the bar. Jeez, hard to believe it has been nearly three years since I made that jaunt to the PNW... I reckon time flies while yer havin' fun, lol. Meh, just wanted to share those shots with y'all, just so ya know how things are done here in Cochise County, lol. I ain't payin' to see the local hoosegow, not even at the discounted senior rate!!! :mad:

BTW, the local Post Office couldn't cash a USPS money order for a lousy $500... Uncle Sam went broke bucking the tiger on a faro layout here in Benson, lol. Not enough cash on hand, maybe they got robbed like in the old days! I found that hilarious, cue the classic tune from 'LAWRENCE OF ARABIA': "I'M THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO!!!" Goddam podunk Post Office can't even scrape up $500, lol. Meh, no worries, I have an appointment in Sierra Vista on Monday morning, and the larger Post Office there can actually handle the transaction, lol... got everything I need for the weekend, no point in making a special trip down to S.V. just to cash the money order. WTF, I know I'm in the right place when this sorta $h!t happens, lol. I'm back to the chilled rotgut vino, CHEERS!!! :cool:

P.S. I get some funny looks whenever I wear that Pacific County T-shirt to the store here in Benson, lol... Mormons, most likely. The shirt has also served to initiate some hilarious conversations... same way my drunken pirate fishing shirt does in the high desert. Meh, ya only live once, unless ya believe the fairy tale... might as well live it up when ya can, before ya become fodder for buzzards & worms. Oh, yeah, that "hoosegow" term was derived from the Spanish "juzgado" in Mexico, which actually meant 'court'---but pinche gringos adopted (and adapted) the term to include the jail which was usually found near the courthouse. Yer history lesson for the day, courtesy of Cactus Cowboy, lol... alright, NOW I'm back to the vino, you PINCHE JOTOS!!! LOL. :D
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