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So, I saw an ad for a Capri 13 with a really nice trailer and two sets of sails for$150, I was mildly interested in the boat, but the trailer was mint and took a spin out to central Ma. Mast step repair is an understatement more like mast replacement, it was detached from the deck and wobbled around, once I cut around the opening, I just lifted it out. I ground all the goop off the bottom of the tube and got most everything out of the step in the hull. I have a couple ideas on how to fix this but have never had to replace the whole thing, I would welcome any ideas and observations. I was thinking of harvesting parts and disposing of the hull, but the two owners and their son got to me, 80-year-old wife and 85-year-old husband who love this boat and are wanting me to send them pictures of my progress. They were so sad that they haven't been able to sail her in three years, their "Miss Capricious". I'm a sap and have to try to get this boat moving again.
After going through pages of mast step repairs here I think I have a plan of attack, here are some pictures of the project. The tube itself has a crack in it, water runs right out of it, and it actually seems big for the mast, it wobbles around when slid over the mast, at least it's looser than my sunfish mast. I've enlarged the hole in the deck, it has a balsa core sandwiched between the top and glass inside.


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Mast step is close to being done, pretty sure it's the strongest part of the boat now. Glassed the Okume ply to the underside of the deck, built up the step, epoxied the tube in, epoxied some balsa core I had left over from a Flying Scot floor I did on the Okume, and glassed over it. Now to make it presentable to the eye. Thought I had more pics.


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