Mast Foot/Tabernacle Options

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Hi all.

I'm the guy who bought Schnool's boat and I'm currently getting to know it inside and out before hitting the lake up here in the Adirondacks.

For a little background, my previous boat was a 17' daysailer of the O'day I type that was manufactured by Spindrift for the 1985 year it was built. I sailed that boat from '97 to '05 when I sold it. Tooled around on the family sunfish for a couiple years but that didn't really cut it. Now I have a Capri 14.2 which you see a lot of up here.

My first of what I'm sure will be many questions has to do with the Mast Foot or what some folks call tabernacle. My Daysailer tabernacle had an open slotted arragement which made it easy to step the mast in one smooth motion. Here is a shot of one compared to the Capri.

As you can see there is no need to line up the slot with the hole in the base of the mast before inserting your fixing bolt.

I really like the O'day setup. Is the mast attachment in the capri as much of a pain as it looks? Would anyone strongly advise agaist replacing the existing system if the dimensions are similar?

Thanks in advance, it's good to be aboard!
go for it

My Catalina C22 has the slotted mast base as you show and it's so easy to use. Go ahead and change it. Personally, I find the Capri mast very light and removing the bolt and lining up the hole is not difficult.
I have no problem raising or lowering the mast solo, with the stock setup. My thinking is, that's the way Jerry Douglas at Catalina designed it, so why mess with it.