Mark II Summary

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I've sailed this for a while now and my conclusions are:

Below 8 knots: it is slower than Mark I

8-12 knots: it is the same as mark I

12 knots +: it is faster that mark I

Keeping it simple that's where I think it pitches but would love any other feedback....
yeah I agree with you both though I've not been using it long. It's very messy in the light winds, I just can't get it going at all. I'm actually going to switch back to the mark I as I think it is the better all round sail!


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Isn't this discussion beside the point? I mean, although I've seen no definite information about it, the Mark I will be gone sooner or later. My dealer doesn't have any, and elsewhere it's being sold at a much lowered price. We won't have a real choice between the two for long anyway, so wouldn't it make more sense to learn to tune the Mark II in all conditions?

I'd actually like to hear if anyone has changed their control systems at all with the Mark II. For instance, I think some top sailors have gone from a 6:1 cunningham to an 8:1.


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For better or worse, the Mark II is the way forward.

I haven't changed my control system at all, but I haven't sailed very much with the Mark II either.
For the record. I do like the Mk2 better overall. I did put in another block in the cunningham which makes it easier to control. The downside of that is more line. I already managed the pull the cunningham control line together with the sheet through the ratchet block...

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I love the MKII. Have sailed mine in 3 events now. Yes, added purchase to the Cunningham. It's much stiffer and harder to pull. Also use more vang so I had to re-adjust the vang to allow for more without bottoming out the vang. Use more outhaul. The sail has more curve/shape. So you can use more outhaul without stalling out the sail like the old design. Yes- it's more stable in breeze both on and off the wind. However, .... I've found if you capsize in breeze with the vang on you have to release the vang in order to get the boat righted. Haven't figured out why yet....

Last point - A well sailed new Mk1 is just as fast as a new well sailed Mk11 in conditions from 8-18, but the Mk1's are out so you'll need to get the Mk11 sooner or later.