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I'm useing my boat on the Hudson. It's can be pretty crazy out there so I just ordered a VHF 2-way radio that is (supposedly) submersible. With rebate, it was $100. Going to hook it on my life vest. Has anyone wired a radio onto the boat itself and run and antena up through the mast? I'm thinking of doing this to get better reception.
I'm not sure what brand of radio you got for that price. But VHF radios even on low power are good for line of site transmision. So if you can see the guy in the powerboat that's trying to run you down and his radio is on he can(should :rolleyes: ) hear you. As to the waterproofness West Marine and some other marine type stores sell a waterproof bage for handhelds, cellphone type things these work quit well.
It was a Horizen. And it is (was) a piece of crap!!.

I had a rondevous with disaster yesterday on the Hudson. The wind picked up. I flipped my boat. I got it righted again (not before cracking the dagger board in half). As soon as the boat came over again, the sail came crashing down to the deck (and also cracked in half). I managed to climb back in the boat (now filled with water).

But then I thought "at least I have my new waterproof radio to call for help." Nope. Radio didn't work. It turned on. But nothing but static. I mangeged to flag down a passing boat who towed me to shore.

(My cell phone, which I wrapped in a couple of plastic bags surrvived just fine. Go figure.)

So I'm back to the drawing board: Anyone have a boat for sale?
That sounds like a story for Dr. Crash in sailing world magazine. At least you are alright. Was it the Phantom that got destroyed?

RIP Phantom. Yea, my Phantom got toasted. Actually, I think I can fix the sail and replace the dagger board. The important thing is I made it back to tell the story. I think I should look for a more stable boat for the Hudson River and use the Phantom for nearby lakes. Taking a sailing class wouldn't hurt, either.
I have finished repairs to the sail. It's now much stronger then when I bought it. The daggar board should be replaced. But for now it will do the job. Hope to get out on the water for the Fourth (weather permitting).
Sorry bout your boat.

I too have wished to have my VHF attached to my mast. As it is, having it in my vest is the best idea since if you are seperated form your boat and it continues without you - you still have a fighting chance of being saved. On thast note, Id highly recommend a GPS to tell whomever of your location in the event you are way out there and need help.

I think the vest methond is best, too. I just have to bag it real good (like I do with my cell phone)

I've got my boat back in good working order. Got new line and a nice little pully for the main sheet. The boat was crusing very nicely yesterday. I just have stay off the water when the wind is too much. (At least till get some lessons.) And not stray to far from the marina. I'll look into a GPS, thanks.
How in the world did the daggerboard break in half? That's one disaster I hadn't considered planning for. Was it in poor condition? Did you hit something? On which axis did it break? What was it made of? Thanks!
It was made out of some plastic/composit crap. When the boat flipped over, I got both hands on the board and put all my weight on it. Instead of the boat coming back over, the board cracked right in the middle. I let go before it split in two. I still used the board.
Oh, OK. I was imagining a wooden board breaking in half. My teenage son nearly completely turtled yesterday and I was envisioning the daggerboard snapping.