Malone Multi Boat Trailer

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Where has this been all of our boating lives? We've seen a lot of trailers over the last 5 decades, and the MicroSport from Malone is worth taking a look at. We picked up a used one yesterday and had 2 of our boats on it within minutes. The load bars sit nicely under the daggerboard trunk and aft cockpit, the Sunfish rides on "Megawings." We can add a T bar up at the bow it we want, which we probably will for a better tie down. All the racks have wingnuts, no hand tools needed. Long tongue means we can carry the Grumman 17. Bike racks, multi level racks, a storage cabinet and wire basket also available. Ours has a retractable tongue option and there are rubber bumpers on the back of the frame to store the trailer vertically. I think we can move the spare tire and slide another kayak under the top boatss. The spars will slide between the kayak and Sunfish, riding on nice load bar pads. 375 pounds on this 2012 model, the new model has a double leaf spring and carries 800 pounds.



The trailer kit is shipped in 4 boxes, assembly required. There is also a smaller trailer that would be good for one boat, and a larger trailer to carry a whole camp of boats..