Major repair advice needed


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One of our scouts accidentally drove a capri 14.2 on a trailer into a tree on the ramp. Causing major damage. We are looking for advice of how to properly make the repairs. We have some experience with boat repairs, this will be the biggest one for us.

Problem #1: Hull breach on bottom of hull where the mast dropped in the hull cavity. Do we grind away the seems and patch it from the inside and outside with glass and fairing compound?

Bottom of hull

Inside Hull cavity

Problem #2: The mast step is broken. It snapped the wood support. Can we just replace the wood? (what species is best) and then fiberglass in the mast step onto the deck and support wood.


The top damage

This is the mast step ripped out

placeholder wood for reference
Wow. I am so sorry that happened. I am sure it would cost more than the boat to have a pro do it.
It sounds like you have the basics of repairing it down. I helped repair a large hole in the bow of a 24 footer mid-regatta, and this was the procedure we used.
- Cut the hole back to solid glass. We used sawzall and big sander.
- Clean area with acetone
- Wrap the exterior in as rigid a backing board as you can get to fit the contour, we used corrugated box. :-\
- Wet out glass cloth and lay up layers to roughly thickness of existing glass. reach ~6" beyond hole. Vary orientation of the cloth. Squeegee it to squeeze out excess epoxy as you go. We did this as a three person job with one in the hull and two on the dock mixing epoxy, wetting the cloth and timing the cycles. The dude in the hull was peeling epoxy off himself for a couple of months, so cover up.
I do not think you need any space-age glass for this. Make sure you follow up with fill on the outside ASAP after that is cured. Fair it and gel coat ASAP after the fill is cured.
Our in the water, dockside patch has lasted several year of rough sailing.
Regarding the deck, this might be a good opportunity to install a real hatch there in place of the drop-in board.

Please send photos!
Best of luck, Karl
Boy, that Scout did a number on the boat... but it can be fixed. You have your work cut out for you... or you will, once you bust out the saw, lol. That's good advice above, might as well start there... and just tackle each problem area in turn. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...