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I just bought a second sunfish last weekend but didnt get time to rig or sail it. When I was putting the bagged sail and spars away, I noticed it was about a foot longer than my other bagged sunfish sail. The new sail is lite blue with a M logo on it. Anyone know what brand that is or what type of boat it was originally from?


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The spars are longer too?

I checked Clonefish L through Z, and the only "M" possibility was the Snark Mach II. I suspect that sail would be smaller.

Is the "M" in script, Helvetica, or within a circle? Could you have a mainsail from a Mariner sailboat?
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The spars look just like my other boat but were longer by more than a foot when rolled up. No circle around the M. No window in the sail. I need to get out the tape measure and camera next weekend and investigate further. Will post a photo of the logo then.

Just anticipating that if this is a larger sail on a sunfish, it would throw off the tuning and handling of the boat quite a bit. If moving the gooseneck a few inches has a noticeable affect then a bigger sail would be drastic.
You may have a Mayflower sail like the one in the attach photo. I think the Mayflower was made by the same company that made the popular Snark line of sailboats.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


What confuses me is the snark has much skinnier spars, and in the cases I have seen, a smaller sail than the sunfish, at least for the sunflower and seasnark boats . I believe that is the mayflower logo though, which as Alan mentioned is a Snark product. This picture appears to contain the same sail and spar set up as mentioned, but I do not think it is the typical snark sail.
I salvaged a (badly) damaged Mayflower once for the parts and gear, and I recall the sail and spars were quite a bit larger than a Sunfish.

Alan Glos
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Got back to the boat today. See photos attached. Measured the spars and the top one is 185" including a 36" extension tube. The lower one is 149". On my other boat both spars are 165".
It seemed to sail ok in a light and variable breeze. Want to give it another try when it is blowing harder.
As you can see, the M logo does not include the flower that was in Alan's photo.
If anyone has info on the sail's origin, please let me know. 99A0F9DA-33F1-4ED9-BD0C-ECB8FD350BBD.JPG FFD8AF2B-8D33-4559-AE72-89321A2D2615.JPG


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Might be mainsail for a small boat. If it's for a popular sailboat, it might be worth more than a new Sunfish sail. :)

Did the originator intend to make an MI (M+I) or MII (M2) out of the logo? :oops:



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Yup, thats it! Thanks for the feedback. I will probably finish out this season with it and get an intensity sail for next year. Should be interesting using this larger sail when the winds pick up in the fall. If anyone has a standard upper and lower spar set for sale, I am interested.


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The problem with locating Sunfish spars—new or used—is in shipping them to your address. The "extra" length means an extra $50+ shipping charge by freight-truck.

You may live near an aluminum supply store, and can have the new spars cut to length: measure the outside diameter, but especially check the spar's wall-thickness exactly.

Selling spars for a Snark Mach II is probably a lost cause—but, "you never know".

Your pictured sail's plastic rings suggest the same spar diameter as Sunfish—and also shows a slip-fit in the spars. You could salvage your present spars by hack-sawing the smaller diameter pieces to the proper length. Smooth the edges, spray an anti-corrosive inside and seal the end-caps. Suggest not using a wheel-type pipe cutter, as the edges will "chew" at the insertion point.