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LP - more questions

Mrs. P

After having done some research on LaserPerformance: (http://www.impropercourse.com/2012/06/laserperformance-united-unions.html)

I circled round to follow up on the progress of something I'd come across. Dory Ventures LLC was a Rastegar entity that had a website regarding their brands - LP, Maclaren, etc. The doryventures.com website is no longer up and running.

Plus, in February Dory Ventures was announced as the buyer of a building in the UK and their plans included showcasing LP with a showroom in the building: http://www.lsh.co.uk/pages/news_detail.asp?id=1588&mode=office&office=1588

Last I heard they were to submit their plans for approval and have everything open in early 2013. I can't find anything to indicate that the purchase went through. Can anyone in the UK find out anything about what happened? Because I think where Dory goes LP might follow?


It looks like the site is back up. I noticed that some of the pages there require a flash plug in, but the links refer to the old Marcomedia web site instead of Adobe, and some of the Macs in the photos are 7 or 8 year old.