Los Angeles/Santa Monica clubs

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I'm looking to get into Laser sailing/racing in the LA/Santa Monica area. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate it.
Thanks. Robin
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No, not yet. I've been doing a lot of sailing on the lakes in the Toronto area for the past few summers, and using club boats. If the situation looks good here in LA, I'll get my own boat.
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The aquatic center in Marina del Rey that is run by UCLA has a fleet of Lasers. You can find out more about what is required to join the alumni association and get certified to take out Lasers.


I know that California YC, Del Rey YC, Santa Monica Windjammers YC, and South Coast Corinthian YC all have access to the water. There is also a public launch ramp available.

CalYC has been hosting the Laser Mids West every other year since 2005, and hosted the Laser Radial Worlds in 2006.

I understand that Lasers have been racing Tuesday nights this summer in the main channel off of the UCLA dock.

There is a much active fleet of adult Laser sailors down in Long Beach at Alamitos Bay YC.
Hello Robin:
We have an active Laser Fleet at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in Long Beach with Juniors and Masters. ABYC is hosting the Laser District 25 Championships in conjunction with our Labor Day Holiday Regatta this weekend, September 1-2. We're also hosting the Laser US Nationals next August.
I hope you will stop by this weekend to see what we're all about. You may be able to find a crew spot if so inclined.
Steve Smith
ABYC Laser Fleet Captain