Looking into buying my first sailboat


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Hello, all! I am looking into buying my first sailboat. Just a quick background about myself. I am currently in my third year of neurology residency, which will actually open up a little more free time going forward. I am married with a 2 year old son and a 90 lb Swiss Mountain Dog. I have never owned a boat before, but I’ve always had an interest in sailing that stemmed from my late father. I really want a sailboat for my son to grow up on learning to sail. I wanted to pick the brains of more experienced sailors when it comes to picking out a reasonable boat. I dont have a ton of money to spend, but would like something moderately sized with a cabin for my small family to be able to take shelter in. What would you all suggest and what realistic price range would I be looking at? Sorry if I am not providing enough information. Feel free to ask for any more specifics. TIA.
Small boats offer the best chance to learn how to sail. The larger the boat the easier to sail except for docking. Most new boat owners fail to take into account some of the basics before purchasing a boat. The cost of a slip, winter storage, upkeep and insurance often exceeds the purchase price of a boat perhaps yearly. If you want/need to keep your cost down think trailer sailor. This eliminates the cost of a slip and hopefully offseason storage as you can park it in your driveway. A trailer sailor of course takes additional time to set up and take down every time you use it.
Best advise... start small, look for rides on other peoples boats to help decide what you need/like and consider all of the costs.
I would suggest joining a local sailing club, sailing communities offer sailing clubs as well, or a sailing yacht club they all should offer lessons. Some let you sail with the boat owners and some let you sail their club boats solo once you prove your skilled. My teenage son and I are new to sailing we did this and are loving it! Dale said it all about boat ownership! 80 feet of lines for a 20 feet mast $70. Happy Sailing!