Looking for sails for Newport Surprise


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We recently purchased a Newport Surprise, and we are looking for decent sails.


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This lug sail is easy to setup it is safe and good for beginning and it have good characteristic.
For small boat the main problem it is relatively small force which need to capsize it. For example for boat 1,5 m wide with 150 kg on board and mast 4m
force for capsize it is in 1/2 time less than weight on board.
So if you sit on right board and wind is blew from that side it is need force only about 1/2 of your weight to capsize boat.
This is force of 15 m/sec wind on 3.5 m2 sail

For prevent this it is few options.
1. consider ballast weight. It is need at last 100 kg of ballast or load on board. In that case force need for capsize will be doubled.
2. make habit to take reefing on sail on wing stronger than 6m/sec. f=0.61 V(2) * g
3. reduce mast height
4. have really good skill and avoid broaching on any situations Broach (nautical) - Wikipedia
4. use multi hull corpus - trimaran

Trimaran is really cool and safe way to sail.
this one example of broaching and capsize on light dinghy
it is no ballast weight on board, 10 m/sec wind and about 5m2 in all sails