Looking for a Laser II Rudder Head

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I'm looking for a rudder head for a Laser 2. As you can see in the attached picture, the aluminum piece between the pintles broke. For a while we were able to sail with it but now the rudder falls off. If someone has an extra I'll pay for it.

L Laser II rudder head.jpg arry


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Well, the rudder doesn't fall off unless the boat heels more than 90 degrees...
That rudder head is of the original L2 design, with pintles like the Laser, and it hasn't been available for nearly 30 years. I'd recommend making a new retainer yourself, as it looks like a pretty simple piece of equipment.

You might consider drilling a hole through one of the shafts so that you could insert a pin or keeper of some kind below the gudgeon. My Laser came with one and I use it as cheap insurance. Hard to drill stainless though.