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Looking for a Capri "barney-post" (insert lame joke here) ;-)


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Yeah, it's for a different boat on which I've already spent quite a bit of money and I'm feeling the pinch. I mean I don't find it really outrageous but yeah, for what it is it's not dirt cheap. I really like the Capri 18 barney post, which is an actual post and leaves a bit more room, but it's $100. Ugh.



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Would that bolt in the same place as the one for the 14.2? And where would you attach your hiking straps?

I've often wished the 14.2 came with a much taller post. Something up high to grab a hold of.
When I sailed an RS Venture, it had a post so tall you could sit facing forward and lean against it with your back. It was super comfy.


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Actually it's going in a Precision 165 whose transom mounted, offset mainsheet system I find grossly lacking for spirited sailing. ;-)