Looking for 470 Owners in New England


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So far since I have posted on the page I have had one person contact me through the site and meet a random guy while I was breaking down my boat. He was amazed that I had a 470 and he didn't know of any others. He was impressed with my 1973 when he had 2007 and wanted to swap ideas and do a little sparring.. Basically the father son crew's, both our sons race 420's and it would be fun.

If there are others 470's out there that want to get together it could be fun...
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Hi, I've just purchased a 1973 Vanguard 470 that I'm sailing on Highland Lake in Washington, NH. I'm slowly figuring out how to rig the boat; I have a long way to go! I live in MA - near Boston. My son is helping me with the boat, but neither of us have 420 or 470 experience. I'd love to "swap ideas" and maybe get some basic rigging tips! The 470 is a LOT more complicated than boats I've sailed in the past!

With the onset of fall, my boat is out of the water for the season, but I have a lot to do and learn to be ready for next summer!