Life after the 14.2

What would you upgrade your Capri 14.2 to something larger if money were no object?

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I've left this forum, merely 3 years ago. My Capri 14.2 set the foundation for what's been a fun couple of years for me. Obviously I've sailed on a bunch of boats, and the Capri line hasn't been the only boats I've owned, but they've been my "significant" ones.

I owned the 14.2 for nearly 10 years, I sailed it about 25 times in that period. It taught me lots about trim levels, and how to push the envelope. There are times even today, that I'd love to still have that boat, it was THAT much fun.

After the selling 14.2 I bought a Vanguard Zuma (great fast little boat, but I was tired of fighting to stay dry). Last year, I purchased a Capri 22, wing keel standard rig. That boat was a super boat, and by the way, can be had for as little at $4000 with a trailer. I put maybe $1200 in work in it, and turned it into a serious racer/cruiser. It taught me how pushing a boat, can be a pursuit in itself here's a great shot of her early this spring throwing her asym:
Early June, I sold my Capri 22, for something faster, a Capri 25. Many people don't recognize the Capri 25, as there were only a few made, it cost me $300 versus the difference from the 22 (and gas to go pickup my new/used boat). Suffice to say, the 25 is a fast design, meant to compete with a J/24. Below is a shot of me flying the symmetric spin solo in light winds.
While I write this, I note that your forum for the Capri 14 has changed. It looks like you've been downsized! I think you folks are dwindling in numbers. I see that as a crime. The Capri 14.2 is a great boat, and deserves active members, and more of them. Please keep it alive. This picture, shows my 14.2 in her glory

Sailing is a dying sport in my opinion, those of us who enjoy it, should teach it, talk about it, maybe we can keep others in the sport, and get new people to try it. Also, keep in mind there are many more boats from Catalina, and the Capri line is still being sold new and used, that are wonderful upgrades from here! By the way, my Capri 22, was sold to a gentleman who was upgrading from a Capri 18, he sold his Capri 18 in hours, it's that good a boat! The associations racing/and one design, and those who run them should be lauded for their work, participate, contribute, and volunteer.

For those of you who might remember I am in NE PA, and used to sail Harvey's lake and Wallenenpaupack, occasionally Nockamixon as well, I'll extend the offer to my Capri family, look me up shnool @ yahoo anytime you like and come sail with me, always happy to have crew! Note - our local ASA sailing school uses a Capri 22 as a trainer - its a great boat for the keelboat classes!
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Oh and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my upgrades over the last year.

This is a light wind sailing day on my Capri 22, where I happened upon our sail club having an informal race late Sept 2011.

Capri 25, July 5, 2012, with more animated winds. This link intentionally has no sound (um my brother and I can be quite foul at times... He's steering, I and my nephew are crewing, watch 11 minutes in, he um - auto-tacks HA)