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I have a lightly used 7 year old Laser which now gets a couple teaspoons worth of water in it after sailing for a few hours. Its always been bone dry previously. Where are the most suspect areas to look for a leak.


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Fill the mast step with water and see if it drains out. If it does you have a mast base that needs repair.
Hull/Deck joint is another area prone to cracks and causing leaks.
For that little amount of water I'd rebed all the hardware to the rudder and deck fittings. It may be a leaky drain plug or bailer too.


If you are sailing in flat water, ie no water getting on deck, I'd check the bailer screw and make sure you have the rubber o-ring on the stern plug first, problems with either one of those typically show as a small amount of water in the hull
probably check the mast step first, that's easiest to check

Could also be the bailer fitting or screw, make sure you have the brass fitting.

If that doesn't work, sometimes it's easier to just re-seal all the thru deck pieces in one shot.