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I have found many pages with very good information about laser racing on the internet, but I am sure I have not found them all. When you find a good page post it here for the rest of us. Don't be afraid to share non-laser specific, but still relevant sites too. Just a few of my favorites to start the list off:
Of course.
Not the prettiest site, but the direct authority.
Huge amount of info. If you haven't been there, give it a click.
Articles and tips by Radial Champ Steve Cockerill.
Vanguard, North American Builder
Performance Sailcraft Europe
Tips by Luther Carpenter

I know there are many, many more so lets see your favorites...


Nice, on the new site we are going to have an all new links page, so we will have to include those!
Back as an exercise for myself to learn web page creation I created

Things to do for a Laser.

I basically scoured the email list and when ever a reply regarding trailering, cartopping, hiking benches, or a few other topics came up I would ask the author and post a copy of their email to the site.

SO if you are looking for some (dated) information about those topics, check the site out.

P.S. I don't update it any more and haven't for a couple years, but I've left it up there as a resource.

Links section

The web is a great source of information (taken with a pinch of salt) but the persistence of its information is a concern. I found several sites last summer where there were interesting tidbits, but now they appear to have been consigned to electronic limbo. I think that where the information is of high value permission should be obtained, if possible, to create a copy, always respecting copyright, and posted somewhere on the site. Perhaps we need a library as well, although the drlaser site fills that need at present.



Think about this forum....In a year from now (All the post will still be here) what a resource the Seach function will be. Type in a keyword and tons of info will pop up with different perspectives from different sailors across the world. This is soon to be one of the most valuable resources in the world.