Laser sail quality and cost


More like obstreperous
At risk of sounding obsequious, I must applaud such vocabulary acumen. Such perspicacity surely creates the presupposition that you are both up to no good.

If your constitution doesn't allow for seething and baseless animosity, kindly confine your comments to discussions of the weather. Carry on.


Just sailing
So for argument's sake, suppose a new sail design is ready to go and presented to the class today. How long until it would be sold? I figure two years - a year for the membership to vote, and a year to actually get it in production.

I'm probably going to need a new sail soon. I expect it would be worn to a bloody pulp long before any new design is available.


Just sailing
One thing I just read in the June Sailing World is the Tornado class is moving to "one-design sails", which I take to mean sole-sourcing from a single sailmaker. It's an effort to cut costs (just threw up in my mouth a little) and get back to Olympic class status (and the Olympics badly need a catamaran event IMHO). I think one difference here is the one-design sails are controlledl by the class, not the manufacturer.
Exactly (Controlled by Class members, not a builder and without multiple layers in the distribution chain adding profit margin )