Laser Safety, worth your life?

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I have heard that many boating industires are looking to high powered lasers for safety at see. Apparently there are high powered lasers which produce a powerful green beam at more thatn 120 miles. from, I have read that they have been tested and are being looked into for wide spread commercial and personal water safety. These waterproof lasers can not only be splashed, but can be submerged completely up to even a descent amount of depth, and are hand held. If anyone has any information about these safety devices, and if they work well, please let us all know. I'm very interested to learn if these lasers are more valuable than conventional flares and spotlights for night time safety, or search and rescue.


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Thread title catches your attention doesn't it?

Maybe I should start a new section for laser beams, pointers, displays, etc....haha. We are always looking for to expand our membership base here at TLF.

@tier018: Sorry, but this is a forum for laser sailboats not beams. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone here will be of much assistance to you. Thanks for stopping by though!