Laser rudder pin cord

If by ”rudder pin” you mean the pivot bolt, mine (original) is 40 x 5 mm, excluding the screw head. This is just right only if you use the original mushroom-shaped plastic spacers. Most people today use a 9 mm bolt instead. The length of that would be the same as that of the ”thin” bolt + a few mm more.

If you mean something else, please tell.

I am referring to the Laser retaining pin cord! Thanks for your help.


Would like to know the length, size and type of rope/line of this Laser rudder retaining pin cord? Thanks
Ha :D Had some semantic problems there... but the answer to your question is, it doesn’t really matter. Any piece of cheap nylon or polyester line about 25 cm long and some 3 mm thick will do. You can use elastic here, too. I might post some suggestions tomorrow.

Not many use the pin, though. The rudder downhaul line is what in fact keeps the tiller in place anyway.