Laser rentals on Oahu?

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Howdy...I'm new on here and unfortunately have been without my Laser for about 8 years after moving to Arizona.:(

We are going to Oahu soon and I was wondering if anyone knows of an outfit there that rents lasers or similar small boats.

When I google it all I find are charter companies for "sunset cruises" and some catamaran places, but no luck on the Laser. Any suggestions?



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Contact the Hawaii District Secretary. Aside from being a nice guy, he is involved with sailing programs and probably has contacts or is at least aware of contacts all over the 50th state.
Well it really depends where you're gonna be. If you are gonna be on the windward side (kaneohe, kailua) then contact Kaneohe Yacht Club, they can hook you up with a club laser.

If you're gonna be on the waikiki side, then contact Waikiki Yacht Club or Hawaii Yacht club. They have lasers there.

I'm pretty sure they'll let you take them out for a day or so for $20.
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thanks for the replies...I'll be on the Waikiki side, but will be able to get anywhere on the island. i'll give them a call, can't wait to get back on the water!
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i'll be out there feb 7-13th. any wind will be good enough...i've only sailed on the lakes around dallas, tx (although it can blow on lake ray hubard) on my old laser so i'm thrilled to get out in salt water!