Laser rental in The Netherlands

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We will be visiting the Netherlands this summer and trying to figure out how to get some sailing in. Does anyone know of a place to rent a Laser, dinghy, or Hobie cat in the Netherlands? Anything to get some water time. We will be staying in Noordwijk. Thanks in advance for any information.
What are your transport options ?
A quick search didn't turn up any Laser rentals on the sea coast, but there are a lot of options on the inland waters.


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First, if you haven't been there before: Noordwijk is a beautiful village (not a town). Buzzing with tourists in the summer. An expensive spot when you want to live there permanently! Home of former soccer players and once the village where Freddy Heineken (from Heineken beer) used to live. His house can be spotted by looking at the roof: the tiles of his house are the same green as the beer bottles!

Laser renting can be tricky. Mostly because of the strong current near the coast. You can't go out there with a dinghy on your own without knowing the local situation. I wouldn't recommend that. If you want to go out on your own.

In-land Laser sailing would be easier. Contact Combi Braassemermeer for more info. A nice and buzzing Club used to expats so English won't be a problem.

However, being in Noordwijk brings you within walking distance of Hobie Cat NED Those people are the main Hobie dealer here in the Netherlands. I suppose they're the go-to people. Hobie Cat Holland | Catamarans, Kayaks, SUP-boards and much more…

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Thanks for the kind replies. We will have a car available. A Hobie cat sounds fantastic since I could take the family out. I looked on the Hobie website, but couldn't tell if there are rental options. Does anyone know if there are rental options on the inland waters?


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The Braassem will have a few lying around, perhaps you can try to rent one of these. More officially: Sail Center in Almere. That's the official Laser distributor here in Holland. But that can become costly (knowing them...)

Back to the Hobie: I realised that it's pretty obvious that there's a sailing club in the same town as where the Hobie distributor is located. It's Hobie Sailing Club Noordwijk. Fair chance that these people have a Hobie that they're willing to rent out.

All those websites are in Dutch. Google Translate will be your friend - and you can always ask here. Jan and I are not the only Dutch members here on the forum.

And be aware that the people in the Netherlands are usually pretty fluent in English, so just shoot them an e-mail/call them, even if the website is in Dutch.