laser radial light wind problems

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hi all
I like to think that im a fairly fast sailer being able to keep up with standereds, when in a blow, however once it drops bellow 10knots I cannot keep up with the sloest radials. any heko would be apreceated.
many thanks
How is your out haul set? Cunningham? Vang?
Upwind? Downwind?

Do you steer with your weight in light air?

I think you need more info and description.
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Outhaule is set on both up and down wind to a hand at the boom cleat. My vang is off completely downwind and is on enough to great a leach and remove slack when upwind and on reaches as well the downhaul is always off
try letting off the out haul more, especially reaching/downwind.

Other than that, in light wind, you need a very good reason to move the tiller. Keep the boat stable, raise the center board a bit(?) and in really light stuff heel the boat a bit to leeward so gravity can shape the sail when the wind cannot.

Anyone else?