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Laser Pro 188950 for sale


I am the original owner of this boat purchased new in 2007. The boat is dry and solid.

Price includes:

Complete race ready rigging
Original sail
2 blade bags
C-Vane wind indicator
Seitech dolly
Kitty Hawk trailer, stainless steel version new in 2007
Top and bottom covers, although the top cover is older than the boat and is near the end of its life. Bottom cover excellent condition
Sail has always been rolled onto a PVC tube
Sail bag
The price includes fees paid to keep it at the Madison Sailing Center on Lake Mendota for the 2024 season.

The boat has only been sailed in fresh water. It was raced on Lake Mendota, although it has not been used the last five years.
The boat has always been stored in an indoor and heated space in the winters.

The boat is fast, race ready and road ready.

I have about a dozen photographs but for some reason the upload to this site of the photos failed. I can provide photos via email on request.

My email: wbauer(at)charter.net
Attached now are photos of the boat and trailer.


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