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laser or laser radial


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i was wondering wether i should sail radails or the full rig for the summer. last summer i sailed a full rig and did pretty good. i just got a laser and was wondering which do you guys think i would be more competetive in. im 5ft 9in and weight around 150. im also in the process of trying to gain weight
If you can, I'd buy both rigs. I'm in the same boat as you, and I usually bring both rigs and decide there based on the weather reports/local knowledge. Right now your stats look like you'd be an average radial sailor and a light standard-rig sailor (avg. for R is 150 or so, Std. is about 175). If you're trying to gain weight, you could probably get away with just sailing a standard rig, but it's nice to have the flexibility, especially if you're going to somewhere like Buzzard's Bay where it's always windy.