Question Laser II Regatta spinnaker catcher


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I've got a Laser II Regatta without the spinnaker catcher. The loops and bolts are there but not the thing. Does anyone have a photo of what it's supposed to look like? Or somewhere I can source one?


The one PSE supplied with the boats was a piece of plastic tube covered wire, which looped around the bow from bolt to bolt on the gunwale, with a pair of lacing eyes holding it horizontal. I think.

(It wasn’t supposed to be used as a handle for pulling the boat but people did that anyway, because that’s how the human brain works :confused: )

I might be able to post a drawing after I get home next week.

Loop of stainless steel wire, about 3mm diametre, ours extended about 200mm from front of the boat. Ends bent around the bolts. Make a quick one out of fencing wire to try it out.