Laser hull weight... actual values?

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We're hearing a lot about the RS Aero with the sailing media really hammering out the line from RS about how light it is compared to the Laser. The quoted numbers are 'Hull weight' (assumed bare?) at 30kg which is what RS talk about, and all up weight of 48kg. The quoted 'Hull weight' for the Laser is 59kg, but I've always assumed this really meant the total weight including fittings. If so, the 11kg loss of the Aero isn't that much. Or do I have it wrong, is the bare hull weight 59kg and the Aero is 29kg lighter? Certainly, my standard Laser has always felt more than 59kg, and I've always felt like I'm lifting more than 29.5kg when helping other people lift their boats out. So what are the actual, official weight numbers for the standard Laser? And while we're at it, what about the Radial and 4.7?
59kg is the approx hull weight of Laser including the fittings that are attached to the deck, transom but excluding all running rigging/spars/blades/sail

Radial and 4.7 would be the same, only difference is in the all up weight, and those are under 3kg difference between each model