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Did performance make a good Laser in 1980 what do you think it is worth?

Before anyone can give you any more information about the boat, we would have to know a bit more about it.

I have not heard great things about performance sailcraft... but it completely depends on the boat. You could have a 1992 SLI laser that is in much better condition that a 2000 Vanguard...
Just look for the key things: Solid mastep that does not leak, no obvious delamination, stiff hull and non-squishy deck.

performance sailcraft

As far as I know, two different manufacturers built lasers in that year under Performance Sailcraft, one in California (PSL) and one in Point Claire, Quebec (ZFS). I have a 1980 from Point Claire that I got used for next to nothing and it's in quite bad condition but I don't know if this can be attributed to the builder. I haven't heard anything specifically bad about either builder, unlike the Sunfish and especially the Pearson boats which were notoriously flawed (I had a Pearson). There seem to be so many used lasers out there, though, that personally I wouldn't pay over $700.00 for one that old, since the dreaded "softening up" is in my experience unavoidable no matter the builder in a twenty year old boat.


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Check the FAQ section of the "drLaser" web site about all the different manufacturers and hull quality differences.

If considering buying a boat, you can also check out the FAQ item about "what to look for".

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Build quality

Hey Shevy, I remember seeing that section warning of the variable build quality of the Pearson's quite awhile ago.
Went back looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. It's still there in FAQ?
Basically '91 through '96 are suspect? I've noticed these model years seem cheaper in the classifieds and I've not even considered them in trying to find a boat.


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Yes, it's still in the FAQ.

FAQ item titled "Are all Lasers born equal?"

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i don't see how anyone can just say that one maker made a cheaper version or anything. the laser as we all know are one design boats so there are all in theory made to the same specs. the only difference is the quality. i know that pearson yachts (not the laser but the cruising boats) has always made a decent boat. i also know that i have a 74 performance sail craft and it seems to be holding up fine. so now that we've come to the near conclusion that quality isn't such a huge part, we now look to the owners. some people keep them in a garage, some in fromt of their beach houses and some in the water. i can tell you that since before i got my boat just at the beginning of summer, it was under a patio and nearly completely exposed. All i know for a fact is that vanguard is the best manufacturer so far and we need no worrys for their boats.