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laser ACC's


There sounds like there will be this year. Here's something from Ted Cremer a few days ago.. I think you can read into this that there will be at least 40 and possibly more...
Hi all,

We have over 100 registered at this point. The 4.7 and radial fleet numbers are looking good.

I can not believe that we will only be having 20 full rigs.

Please get back to me with your sail number, YC name and full name if you plan on coming.

Sailed last weekend . . . it blew 20 out of the SW . . . the swells were nice. We have a nice sandy beach to launch from and the commute to the race course will be 5 minutes max.

I look forward to seeing everyone. E-mail me if you haven't registered yet so that we can get you entered on the scoring system and makes sure we have enough food and libations for everyone.

Best rewards,

Ted Cremer 162020
Sayville YC