Laser 2 help needed -

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Can anyone help me with the spinnaker rigging on a laser 2? It has never been used and any help would be appreciated on setting it up.

2nd question: would an intensity sunfish dolly work for the Laser 2? Seitech lists the same dolly for both

any thoughts appreciated.
This is the best link I've found for Laser 2 rigging:

Good luck!

Do you have any idea where to find spinnaker parts for the Laser 2 these days?


That's a pretty good site for laser rigging -thanks for that, I can use that info too.

As for where to get spinnaker parts, that's a tough one but just doing a quick search brings up a ton of parts on eBay. If you don't mind shopping on eBay or Craigslist then you can probably get what you need.

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thanks guys!

I'd love to see the rigging DVD from the Laser 2 class association that is mentioned in the article. I wonder how to get it.

Sailing it without the spinnaker and having a blast! Great 2 person boat.
There UK Class site is a good reference.

I think I still have, somewhere, the original rigging guide that came with my (UK) Laser 2 (sold many years ago) but I think you can download it from the above site. I'm sure you can find the Vanguard version on the web too, but again I have that somewhere.

Assuming that you are not involved in any class racing (if you were you wouldn't be needing help here), there is nothing on a Laser 2 expect for the blades, spars and sails which cannot be purchased from a decent supplier of sailboat parts. If have specific questions about a particular part, let me know and I'll try to point you towards a standard part that will do the job.
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No luck on DVD yet, I think I am going to get one from the UK.

I bought a Seitech Sunfish dolly on a recent trip to Colie in NJ, it works very well with the Laser 2 (and coincidentally my Bombardier Invitation as well).
Log in to NAlaser2 on Yahoo. Avram can hook you up with the rigging DVD. He has the correct DVD's for domestic dvd players.
I've miss-placed mine and need to pick up another, Doh!
As for NAlaser2, it has been really quiet! Bummer. But there is still a wealth of info re: the Laser 2.