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Laser 2 Centerboard

I recently acquired another Laser 2 however the previous owner lost the centerboard. Does anyone happen to have an extra or know where I could find a replacement? I have heard they are similar to a laser 3000 board but am having trouble finding those as well. Any help is appreciated!


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Yes, same as Laser 3000. However getting difficult to find.
Do come up on eBay sometimes.
Tbh, you may spend less time and have more fun making one up
Or try and see if a board from another class will fit. Nobody cares, just go sailing.

joe c

my spare blades are off at my composites guy getting duplicated in carbon. if you can wait until i get it back...whenever that is, ill get you mine for a 12pack and shipping. though i have no clue when that will be. lol. while hes at it....he could probably make you one from regular fibreglass. hes in my sig if you just want to contact him and see. his names matt.