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I might be selling the bottom 5" of a custom Sunfish daggerboard. Interested. Made with your fav....West Systems!!

Btw, ...I bit the bullet and bought the glass Intensity board from the "for sale" section. We shall see how it all compares. Send me your GPS for gathering stats. ;-)


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Think I'm good with daggerboards, having just picked a decent one up with recent Sunfish purchase. You did well with the slightly used Intensity board advertised here.

Looking forward to your report on comparing the Intensity with the mixmkr board.

What's next, a mixmkr kit to add a demountable wing to make a Sunfish "winged keel"?


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Not really. Since Sunfish seems to be having supply problems with brand-new Sunfish, I'm thinking there is a large market for used Sunfish at reasonable prices. :cool: We've seen there remains "shake-out" problems with the new Sunfish from overseas. :(

It'd be especially meaningful to exploit a used-Sunfish demand using U.S.-supplied labor in the restoration process.

Since the cost of transport is minimal for me, I promised another member to supply him with good complete Sunfish to refurbish and resell. I make a buck, he makes a buck—new Sunfish enthusiasts are made.