Kitty Hawk trailer question

old n cranky

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I have your basic Kitty Hawk Laser trailer (made by Nautical America). I want to replace the noisy bearings and sleeves. They are greased, that is not my issue. Does anyone know the size of the bearing kit that i should buy? thanks
I did this once years ago. I took the old bearings to the auto parts store, and they were able to measure them and find me a replacement. Unfortunately I did not retain the size information. Still, a knowledgeable person should be able to find the right size for you, may take going to multiple stores.

You mentioned sleeves, I guess that is the same thing as the races? Good to replace them and the bearings at the same time.
I had one wheel that was running rough, and replaced that side. I can't remember the size, but it was standard; I think I found it on Google search, and the auto parts store confirmed it when I brought in the old bearings.

The hardest part is pounding in new races. This $40 tool makes it very easy.