Keelboat Painting

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I am back from sailing in Greece--more than a week now. Thought I'd post of few pictures of the keelboat painting I've been doing.

Believe it or not, this project entails--7 coats of painting (including primer and non-skid (second color) on the deck, 5 coats on the topsides, 10 coats on the bottom, plus the front poppets and bottom of the keel get 10 coats independently. Then the boot stripe might go on in one coat, but probably will take two. That is about 32 separate applications!

So here is this weeks work.

These pictures show: 5 layers of primer--4 then sanded, one more for a bonding coat followed by 5 coats of VC Offshore (formerly called Baltoplate). This black paint (bottom) still has to be wet sanded with 300 grit and finer--a very dirty job!

Topsides and deck got primed and sanded before I went to Greece. I sanded the entire primed deck twice more before starting my painting. Both deck and topsides got two coats of primer and sanding. I need to fine sand the topsides a bit more prior to painting that.

The deck has it's second coat of paint. It will get at least one more, followed by contrasting non-skid.

This one shows the barrier-coat/epoxy primer. I still need to give this one more coat of primer, followed by 5 coats of VC Offshore under each of the bow-side poppet pads.

Coming up in the future: topside paint and bootstripe paint.