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Just Bought a Phantom!


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Hi, I have been lurking around on this site for several months and thought I would show off my new purchase...the other weekend I bought a Phantom (a Sunfish clone manufactured in the 80s). Then drove across Florida to pick it up; then I got a permit to keep it on the beach; and finally I put it on the beach to use whenever (hopefully often). I have named her "Wife Approval" because I have to give my wife lots of credit for being very patient and generous!

Here I am back from picking up Wife Approval. She is in good shape with one patch job on the stern deck and one on the hull, just aft of the centerboard opening. Also came with a newer Sunfish sail, and rudder with hiking extension.

I rigged it for taking pictures for the inspector for my beach permit. Since I did not have a trailer (only a beach dollie) it would have been tough to get Wife Approval around town for inspections.

Early in the morning last week putting Wife Approval on the beach.

Bummer, I had to get to work...

Wife Approval's new home!

Anyway, I have been a recreational sailor pretty much all of my life and I look forward to being a positive contributing member of this forum!
Congratulations. :) The boat looks great! Enjoy. I would love to be on a warm beach, we just made it through the first snowstorm of the season.