Just bought a J/24. Now what?


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Yesterday I bought a J/24, and should have it delivered in a couple of weeks. Overall the boat seems to be in OK shape, but like any 40 year old boat is going to need some work. Ray who has some J/24s listed for sale on here is getting me quotes for some items I asked about taking care of before he delivers the boat. I sailed and raced Hobies for many years previously, bareboat chartered lots of Moorings' Beneteaus in the Caribbean and South Pacific, and going out sailing a couple of times this year made me realize how much I miss sailing on a regular basis. I plan to store the boat on a trailer someplace with a hoist. The sails are decent and perfectly usable. I'm not sure if I'm going to race it, but if so, definitely nothing more competitive than local around they buoy racing.

Are there any J/24 unique things I need to look at? The front hatch looked kind of funky, like it was made of yellowed fiberglass. What does everyone do for electronics for wind and boat speed? And depth? What about anchors? Any regular maintenance things to pay attention to?