Jotag dollies

@jotag We generally don’t allow unsolicited commercial posts on the site to protect the quality of the conversations. I’m interested to learn more about your dolly products though and we appreciate you being a long time member. Can you reply with some pictures of the dolly, some pricing information, etc.

Dear Bradley: I have enjoyed the forum for many years. It is so helpful. I apologize for my posting, but I only wanted to give information to forum members to solve the issue of spare parts for our trailers. That's why I didn't put the URL of our site. We have been in the market for 15 years, our JOTAG registered brand with more than a thousand dollies sold in the USA, some already old, and despite the fact that we offer a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects, since we are manufacturers, forumers may need the spare parts. I am an engineer specialized in heat treatment of metals, and laser and 470 sailor. Therefore I know the reality of the class and we try to offer our dollies and practice spars with affordable prices since we heat treat the masts in our factory. That is why, for example, all the practice radial lower mast like the official ones are ours. And also with the practice composite upper masts. Our goal is to lower costs to encourage young people to sail, and sailors in general to train and participate in club regattas with our spars. So if you want to know more about us, please visit our website Thank you.