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We were saddened to hear that our poet pirate Jimmy Buffett crossed the bar, but love of sailing inspired us to get up and go sailing in his honor.



This how former Marines storm the beach :)

A pirate looks at 62...taken by a pirate looking at 64. Clear skies and fair winds ahead.


WAVE has her Trident certification, after exploring the briny deep of Cat 2(+) Hurricane Sally. She also sports her original Hawaii numbers.

Long ago, when I was a young Joe, I stepped on parts of my male anatomy and was awarded a 14 day vacation from anything enjoyable. I was living in a plywood sea-hut overlooking the Caribbean, walking amongst the gravel to share a shower with a 5’ long iguana, meant that 14 days lasted an eternity.

The day I was returned to my freedoms a buddy took me to have some jerk pork and Johnny cake at the local smoke house, then to the tiki-bar to sooth my woes.

The tiki was a bustle of activity for that early in the day, and someone brought their bongos. “Oh lord” I thought, “someone brought their bongos and is going to serenade us with alcohol induced drivel.” Banging on the drums wasn’t half bad so I settled in with my rum punch. Just then some old guy rings the bell and everyone cheers for the old dude that bought the round. I go claim my drink and sink back to my chair.

A few drinks later, it’s time to depart. Being or soundish mind and nearly sober, I walk to the bell ringer, reach out my paw, and shake the man’s hand. While doing so I say, “Sir, I’ve had a tough couple weeks and being suck in this place has taken its toll. Thank you for the drink, you made my day.” He replied, “Son, it was my pleasure and the least I can do. All the thanks goes to you.”

As we walk away my buddy says, “you know who that was?” I replied, “an old timer hanging out at the Tiki?” My friend laughs. “That is Jimmy Buffet.” I said, “who.” To which I receive a smack up the back of the head.

That day was the first I’d really heard of the man, and beyond my buddy muttering the lyrics to Margaritaville, I was still lost.

A few hours later, I was front row, sitting on my woobie watching that old timer from the Tiki wow the crowd at the Downtown Lyceum Theater, with songs that spoke to my soul. I became a parrot head at that moment.

Went sailing this weekend and raised a rum punch in the man’s honor. RIP Jimmy, and again, thanks for the drink, old timer!

Wonderful story Corprin, of meeting fellow spirits of the soul. Had Jimmy heard your story he would have repeated it in his Gulf Coast drawl and turned it into song, especially the part about the iguana :)