J24's in the Fairfield CT area

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We sail our J24 out of Blackrock Harbor, we seem to be the only J24 in the local area.

I am looking for other J24's in the area of Fairfield. If there is enough interest we can organize a series of J24 regattas. My thoughts to have some fun Beer can races for the local area.

Cedar Point One Design regatta currently doesn't have a J24 class.

please feel free to reach out to me



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Hi, Mike,

We have a J24 that we drysail out of HBC in Stratford. We are probably the only J24 left in the Milford/Stratford area that is actively sailed (PHRF). Do you sail out of FYC?

Bob & Carol
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Bob & Carol,

Thank you for replying. Yes we sail out of FYC. We sail PHRF for Wed nights and other YRA LIS regattas occasionally.

If there are more responses, would you be interested in a J24 "non official Class" race one day this summer. Hoping with your response we will get more so that we could at least have a small group.

What is your sail # and do you sail Spin or Non spin?

Thanks again for your response.

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Hey guys, I have Hull 339 which has been out of the water for the last two season being renovated. It should be back in the water in July. I sail out or pine orchard in Branford and have sailed Wednesday night perfect in past years. We haven another j24 at pine orchard bought a couple years ago too and he sails Wednesday nights. I’d love to put together a j24 division as part of the branford/ pine orchard race weekend which is usually mid July. Would you be willing to motor or trailer up to branford for a two day regatta? Jeff Dow Peddler USA339
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Peddler, yes we would definitely be interested in a more local j24 one design weekend. Would be a lot of fun. where is the Branford/Pine Orchard race weekend listed? Regattanetwork?

Thanks for replying, hopefully more people will see the interest and reply too.


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We are the other J24 out of Pine Orchard and would definitely participate in a one design race around the POYCC/Branford race weekend. We have been participating in the Branford Wednesday night PHRF races (spin class) for the past couple of seasons.